Take home stuff in fridge

please feel free to bump this thread as necessary for your own uses

You work at home, you div.

not today, b-man. not today.

Good call. I have some pomegranate seeds that I mustn’t forget

Please remember, you got some reduced mince, lamb meatballs and C-Bingz chicken kievs at 'Trose mate.

Hi future @Jeremys_Iron - please remember to take the chilli crab linguine home or tonight you will starve :weary:


hey @thewarn

don’t forget




I can’t believe it’s been three years since you needed to take home things from the fridge.

Very rare that I shop on my lunchbreak

me, today: remember this later plz

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Can you remind me to buy some coffee at 11.55 tomorrow please?

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whats in the 4idge niki?

3 x beer
little trifles
creme fraiche

Seems like it is difficult to post so here’s an early reminder.

thanks mate

THSIF, eric



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