🚨 🚨 Take meter readings for gas and electricity today 🚨 🚨

Don’t forget to submit meter readings to your energy supplier today to benefit from as much usage at the lower rate as possible!


is that so? thank you for the tip!

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Is there not a risk of it going up instead? I always think giving readings just at the end of the period you have the heating on more is just asking for a price increase, no?

of course the EDF web page isn’t working. :confused:

Same with So Energy :roll_eyes:

Probably had a surge of people trying to get on.

Did mine yesterday, got an email saying my direct debit is going up, brilliant.

You’ll have to give a meter reading at some point. The only way it might go up is if you haven’t given readings for a long time and your usage has been estimated, but at some point you’ll need to give accurate readings and if this is in, say 6 months’ time, you’ll be charged more at the higher rate.

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I done mine yesterday knowing there’d be a rush today :sunglasses:

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Of course now sat here with every single appliance turned off.


Could just be a coincidence as I think everyone’s direct debit is going up anyway.

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Wink wink. Nudge nudge.


Oh aye, was epxecting it to be honest. Turned all the heating off now.

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On Octopus website

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I’m with Octopus and whilst the dashboard wouldn’t load, when I clicked on ‘meter readings’ that did load and allowed me to submit them. This was much earlier today though and it may well be even busier now so good to know the prices don’t change until 2nd April.