Take That



What was the best Take That song?

One of the singles, or one of the sideswipes?


The correct answer is Pray.


Back For Good



He stands funny, doesn’t he?



I think that’s the one anyway.


Never Forget


Pfft. COULD IT BE MAGIC. I remember thinking the video was so raunchy.


Eek, there’s also that weird leather jelly video.


Probably A Million Love Songs. Gary turns up at your wedding and sings you it are you gonna have a problem with that and request something else?


I woke up with Everything Changes But You in my head today. It’s Pray though


Friend of mine makes a good living playing the ‘Gary Barlow’ character in a Take That tribute band. I’ve never seen them, so can’t vouch for whether they’re any good.

A MIllion Love Songs, anyway.


This one is not bad…