Take the baking stuff out of the fridge before going home


You cunt.


what you baking?



Dunno, 'er indoors sent me a shopping list. It was for lactose-free cream cheese, margarine, digestives, and raspberries, so I’m guessing: chocolate sponge.


Is the fridge at your home or your office?

Struggling to work out the logistics here.


It’s at work, Theo.


So the baking stuff is in your work fridge?

Are you just going to leave it on the side in the kitchen over the weekend?


I’m not going to dignify this with a patient explanation. It’s not rocket surgery.


So she means ‘bring the baking stuff home’?

What a weird way of phrasing it.


I’m definitely the one being weird here.


Take your slightly disappointing raspberry cheesecake and shove it up your arse before going home

You cunt.


I’d love to show some sympathy but i’ve left my lunch in the fridge at home today

Of course I am at work.


Thank you for this much-needed clarification.


Got a chicken kazzer curry in the fridge that I need to remember to take home. Eps can you amend the thread title please?

Edit: it’s in the work fridge because I’m at work but I need to take it home and put it in the fridge I call ‘home fridge’.


Got some daffs in my bag. Not taking them out though. Hardy little fuckers.


save you bants for the music board

we are like internet best friends at the moment


I’d post that bit from that film with Will Ferrell and that lad who’s in everything that looks like Shrek’s dad, but I can’t stand Will Ferrell.





Have a good weekend, everybody.