Take you down to Chinatown

You a fan of a good Chinatown?

Think I’ve only been to the Manchester one, the food was awful. can’t remember being in Chinatown in London, never been to the USA.

Got any tales from Chinatown?

Probably not a lot of mileage in this - Subthread: idk, what do you order from the takeaway?

Had a really nice chilli chicken in London Chinatown. Food I had in Manchester was quite poor.

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Had a nice meal a few years ago at Dumplings legend in that there London’s Chinatown. Fucking love xiao long bao

Been to Wong Kei in London’s Chinatown a couple of times, though not recently. My parents discovered it once on a trip years ago and took us. Used to be famous for its appallingly rude service, though I never noticed.

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Leong’s legend was also good when I went there

Went to Chinatown in San Francisco once. All I can remember is going to Nicolas Cage’s favourite restaurant. There were a bunch of photos of him larking about with the staff on the walls, and he had a special seat that he liked to sit in.

Don’t really like seeing all the crabs, lobsters etc crammed into those tiny tanks.

Birmingham is a good one - Chinatown/Gay Village area is a decent night out.

Chinatown in Kobe was brilliant.

Big fan of Mr Wu’s all you can eat buffet in London Chinatown, either eating or in or stuffing a takeaway box full of a ridiculous quantity of food.

UK ones never seem to be a patch on American ones - probably a good thing tho cos they’re really a product of racial segregation. Even London just feels very tourist-trap, never got the feeling it was a functional neighbourhood like in NYC or San Fran.

Mostly in for the bootleg merchandise tbh, particularly toys, which you never see a lot of here. There’s a shop in Manchester that has loads though, that’s good.

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Newcastle’s has an industry bar amongst the food places which is a place I always found sort of interesting and strange but also a bit depressing.

solved a few crimes, broke a few dames’ hearts, in chinatown

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We tend to make a point of visiting Chinatowns when we’re in cities.

Toronto Chinatown is worth a visit. Montreal and Newcastle if you’ve got time. Manchester, less so.

Top tip for London’s Chinatown: Lo’s Noodle Factory. They supply most of the chinese restaurants in the centre of town, but you can rock up and buy them by the bagful for pennies.

The Hollow Legs blog is good for tips as well.


There’s also a Cantonese (I guess?) language estate agents in there.

Suspect it’s mostly there to help students find places rather than being well dodge, buuuuut

London: is that woman that sells the little steamed pork buns on the street still there?

I don’t know about that. It has its problems these days (increased betting chains and fast food chains, aging resident population, etc), but it still functions. I think part of it is that a lot of the shops, traders and wholesalers are in back alleys off unmarked doors (Lo’s Noodle Factory being a good example), so they’re not necessary visible.

Last time I was in Toronto we stayed in a Chinatown hotel that was actually inside a Chinese shopping mall - was fun. The view from the hotel room window was actually into the mall :rofl:


Closer to home (for me at least), Deptford has a very visible Chinese population these days. Plenty good food/shopping to be done as a result :+1:

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