Take you down to Chinatown

Love how they just sit people on random tables there. I’ve heard stories about parties of people being split between tables for no apparent reason

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Have you ever been to a Chinese restaurant (in the uk or Ireland), and ordered off the secret (proper) Chinese menu?

  • Chicken feet and sea bass for me please!! With some of those crazy good garlic beans and that spicy broth with mince and tofu.
  • No, I only like sweet and sour battered balls
  • What??

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And it’s just a short walk from the Prince Charles cinema!

Liverpool’s Chinatown is a bit sad, the neighbouring Baltic Triangle and Ropewalks areas have seen loads of regeneration and gentrification but it seems to have been left in the dust, it’s almost a ghost town.

I’ve had food ordered for me, yes. I couldn’t read Cantonese or Mandarin, myself.

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Yes, but mostly just to order congee which they never seem to have on the regular menu…

I now have to describe what I want by memory.

“last time I had some sort of noodles, with some meat… And there was some veg, and a sauce, do you know which one I mean??”



No but in Sanxia in Deptford (which Jay Rayner raves about) when my friend revealed she can speak Mandarin the staff immediately started bantering with her and offering her “the good stuff” and openly said they were just going to give us shit before they realised. (Food was great tbf).

He talks about the ‘proper’ menu in his Guardian piece :+1:

Having secret menus or selling different things to different people is weird.

“I can’t walk away, I can’t walk away
In Chinatown!”

Sort of agreed, the Chinese places I’ve been to have a standard westernised menu, and a menu of more ‘authentic’ dishes, unless you are Asian or ask you’ll only get given the former.

The latter is also only written in Chinese script too, I wish they’d translate it but sort of get why they don’t

First time I’ve heard of this two menus thing

So Near So Far East

Best Chinese in Manchester isn’t even in Chinatown. :confused:

It has different menus and also people going around with carts of food for you to grab.