Takeaways (a poll thread)

Ok I’m pretty bored. Just thought to myself that I don’t think I’ve ever, ever ordered takeaway for lunch. Is that a thing? Feel free to add your own polls. Chat encouraged.

  • Lunch takeaway is normal and I do it
  • Lunch takeaway is normal but I don’t do it
  • Lunch takeaway is weird but I do it
  • Lunch takeaway is for people who need to take a long hard look at themselves
  • I’m not sure what my opinion is on this

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Only fine if you’re terminally hungover.

  • Collection
  • Delivery

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Tend to collect more than get delivered - ensures your food is hot and you get it quicker. Incidentally whilst I might be 50/50 with pizza and curry, I will always go to collect Chinese.

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I can imagine it’s more of a London thing.

The Engineering dept. used to collect fish and chips for everyone in their office on Fridays, and there is a Domino’s right outside one of our campuses - do they count?

Never done it myself.

I’ve never done it - but the amount of delivery drivers i see about in the daytime suggests plenty do

One thing I really miss about living in a city is getting burritos delivered for lunch on my day off.

A girl I work with got a deliveroo for lunch every day for a week because she had a code for free delivery. Probably spent about 12-15 quid each day.


Lunchtime takeaway generally means being incredibly lazy or hungover etc so delivery. But evening takeaways we usually collect for all the reasons you said. We live in an area with one Chinese and one Indian so delivery usually involves waiting til they’ve been to all the surrounding villages first.


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Didn’t know you worked with meowington

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Fine for students obviously, they have no self-respect to begin with.

Ultimate takeaway (if you’re stuck, what immediately sprung to mind?)

  • Indian
  • Chinese
  • Pizza
  • Burgers
  • Thai
  • Sushi
  • European
  • Other (specify)

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Shit I forgot Mexican, sorry eric


Dont think i’ve ever had mexican takeaway tbh

We not counting burritos as Mexican?

Cant really think of a time i’ve ordered a burrito for delivery tbh. Doesnt sound like a good idea.

Done it a couple of times when I’ve unexpectedly been stuck at home and don’t have any food in and can’t go out (sick or parcel coming or something).

There was a dark period in Oxford where I was abusing the Papa John’s any pizza for £x.xx offer and ordering the biggest pizza they did at Saturday lunchtime and eating it for lunch and dinner on Saturday and Sunday.

  • Eat it all on same night as ordering
  • Order extra to eat the next day

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