Takeaways (a poll thread)

I had a friend in Reading who ordered 4 pizzas on two for tuesday deal every week.


Will order extra Indian for the next day but generally not with Chinese.


if i order extra i’ll just eat it


Hang on, you’re ordering extras on purppse? Obviously we all eat leftovers but.

I think it’s physically impossible to order a Indian set meal in Scotland and eat it all in one go.

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I stopped doing it when it was no longer lasting four meals.

Still not as dark a time as when I was averaging two McDonalds trips a day while trying to write my thesis in six weeks. Couldn’t walk up a hill without gasping for breath by the end of that.

when growing up my parents (mainly my dad i guess) was vehemently against ordering food deliveries. don’t think we ever had anything delivered even once. think it was the thought that it might cost an extra £1 that really annoyed him.


If I’m on my own, I may fancy a bit of 2 dishes, so just order both. Plus most places have a delivery fee so it needs justifying.

My family will never, ever have food delivered, we (normally me) will always go to collect.


o rly

Only really with curry. Living on my own I never got to share dishes so I’d order 2 mains and a side and then it’d do me 3-4 meals and mean I’d get to mix it up a bit.


Surely we recognise that takeaway leftovers are only good the next morning. Nobody should be eating it days later!!

Big bag of pakora, curry, rice, massive naan and poppadoms, in one sitting?



I have ordered on an evening and eaten for lunch two days later


I have no problem getting food delivered but now collect when we get Chinese and from the chip shop because both are really close.

The pizza shop is slightly further away (ten minutes rather than five minutes) and I’m happy for them to deliver.


Surprised you’ve lived to tell the tale

Tipping the delivery person

  • Nope
  • Sometimes
  • Always

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There’s no reason to ever collect.