Takeaways (the definitive thread/polls/some chat)

Saveloy, spring roll, or a few popadoms for the walk home?

  • Always
  • Sometimes
  • Never

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Chippy: Oh My Cod!, Catford
Pide: Pide, Catford
Indian: straight tie between India Gate in Forest Hill and Barakah, Sydenham
Chinese: dunno cos plasticmike vetoes it every time :sob:

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Try spices next time, man. I reckon they’ll deliver outside london

It appears that they’ll deliver less than three miles away and we’re two :ok_hand:

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Takeaway menus on the fridge?

  • Yes
  • No

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Mr San Ho sold up. Mr Jin Ho (no relation) took over. Gone to shite. Used to be a belting chippy. They fell out with me a bit, though, because i used to put my order in by phone, sink a couple more crafties and forget and go to Jerk Junction.

Same story at my backup chippy (Baths Chippy). Used to be owned by a Chinese family for years. Lovely older lady there used to know my order off by heart (donner kebab, no wet, extra chillis, scissor cut at the end, and a scallop/mushy pea barm for home). Sold up to some fucking useless bellends. Last time i went in the chips were brown.


Me and my atd used to go to ‘uncle wrinkle’, a Chinese place opposite his halls back in the day.

Shit, but you actually got to meet the big man himself sometimes


Fried egg on top of your biryiani (having not requested it)

  • Good
  • Bad

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My local Chinese is called ‘eating plus’ which I adore


Chinese takeaways with ornamental dragons straddling the door:

  • Nice touch
  • Bad

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Indian is the most delicious, Chinese is the most useful for stretching out into the week.

Pop round, wait twenty minutes as it isn’t ready and pick it up

I used to know a guy whose parents owned a chippy. He had a full-time, reasonably well-paid job as a manager elsewhere but his dad made him don the auld whites and serve up a bit of haddock on the weekends, unpaid. Didn’t even live at home and wasn’t even a case of him playing the long game and inheriting it. Mad as fuck. He was from Greece, true story.


One of my mates had to do this at his parents Chinese until he had to move away for work at 29.

He’s a solicitor btw

Chippy isn’t it, never had a bad chippy.

Pizza usually too expensive for what you get.

Indian quality is too variant, always feel like it tastes better if you sit in too. Plus Dosas don’t travel well.

chippys are always a nice idea but forever underwhelming

Best takeaway to eat cold out the tray or box the day after?

  • Pizza
  • Indian
  • Chinese

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Really no need for a poll for this one. Unless you’re outing some deviants.


I fucking love takeaway pizza and I’d eat it 2-3 times a week if I could.

Dirty, traditional, it’s always the best.

I was brought up on Indian/Pakistani food so end up lecturing everyone on how shit it is.

£ for £ though probably fried chicken or Turkish kebab idk