Taking a career break/sabbatical/extended leave of absence

Currently doing that now, except I have no intention of returning to the industry I left, and am doing another job.

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Yeah same here apart from I am just remaining in the same job.


This is a big worry. Nothing to lose though, right? Better to miserable in a job after having had a nice time away that be miserable in a job and not have had that ‘experience’.

(I’m not really miserable in my job, to be tbf)

id need some kind of structure i think. although i cant imagine ever having enough money to be able to afford to do it. that woofing sounds pretty wanky, bet you get loads of didsbury rich kids doing that

Yeah, I guess that’s the way I’ve justified it to myself for so long. I feel like my acceptance of any easy life is narrowing as I get older (I’m way past your alleged 28 years) so might as well just do it. Can’t see it being the sort of thing I’d regret? (hopefully)

This sounds much more like it, thanks. Maybe I’ll just copy all of your holidays from now on, after Velodyssey success!

I will be 32 years old by July when it will start.

I’ll ignore the work side of things for now. Can’t ever really imagine having a magical well-paid rewarding job that is stress-free.

We’re allowed to take a career break in here for up to three years I think. Don’t know if I would bother but if I did I’d probably just try and play more music and maybe travel around Europe a bit. I was never the type to go travelling.

I can take minimum 3 months up to 12 months.

Was thinking of taking the full year and dipping in and out of casual work to keep myself afloat

i think id try and get bar work over being a dog or a unicorn

I sometimes think I’d like to do this, but then I always realise that I just want to quit my job.

I quit my job completely and took 6 months off last year. Did some travelling, spent some time doing things that I love, went and visited people in various places. That sort of thing.

Started a new job in October last year and I’m probably tempted to quit and do it again once every two or three days at least.

That sounds kind of ace. I mean, yeah, obviously horrible, but that’s all you’ve got to worry about and it’s just a neat little capsule life. I’m speaking from a position of privilege, obviously, and I acknowledge that, but it does appeal.

FYI not from Didsbury or rich in any way.

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I’m freelance and I feel like i’ve finally built up a solid enough portfolio and worked on enough high profile stuff that i could disappear for a bit and still get work when I come back. Really hope I actually follow through with this though. When work is coming in a lot it becomes tempting to play it safe

Eh. For a week as a kind of physically punishing meditation? Maybe. I don’t think he got anything out of it though, aside from realising manual labour is difficult, unpleasant, and ultimately not very fulfilling.


Kind of did it backwards – I studied Graphic Design at Uni, hated it, just about scraped a degree. Went home after graduation and ended up working in specialist retail for about 8 years before being made redundant. I was unemployed for about 18 months, bar a couple of temp jobs and occasional bits of bar work. Started doing bits of freelance design work and have now ended up as a full-time designer, and have been doing that for the past 4 years. What’s most odd is that I now totally love my job.

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