taking a day off to do f*** all [no parents allowed]

ever do it? is it a waste of annual leave? I say no parents because I know if you took a day off it would be worth it to look after your kids. I’m talking about just to sit on the couch by yourself, play vidya, movies etc.


You mean working from home?


Yeah of course
Do what you want!


Gonna have several of these in the next few weeks on accounts of always ending up with holiday days that I will lose if I don’t take them.

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ooh burn

normally do it at least a couple of times a year, normally in winter as it feels like less of a “waste” if the weather is shite outside

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I think being a parent means days like this are even more important and precious. I need them.


Never have enough annual leave for this. I have to have some in the bank for the day after midweek gigs that I don’t want to have any ‘working tomorrow anxiety’ over.

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Basically did two weeks of this over Christmas. One day I played Stellaris from 8:30 in the morning until 5pm.

Absolutely brilliant.


Did it the first Monday back after xmas at the last minute.

Felt pretty good for my mental health tbh

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didn’t mean to discriminate

In my old job when I had shitloads of leave I would do this when I knew I was going to be hungover.

Only get 28 days now so my leave is too precious to waste (so I call in sick instead)


had three days off to do fuck all last spring.
day 1 ended up being entirely consumed by personal admin and cleaning the house. a drag but worth it
day 2 walked up a massive hill and then got drunk
day 3 lay in bed all day watching netflix
one of the best weeks of 2019 it was


Was gonna do that Monday but I have errands to do now

I tend to add on a day to do this if I’ve been away at something over a weekend/long weekend to recharge, but I think I massively overdid it last year because I felt very tight on holiday days all year.

Doesn’t help that 'er indoors gets 30 days.

I did this last Friday. Called in sick at half 8,went to the gym for a bit and sat in the steam room for 30 mins, then went for fish and chips, came home and played control until the mrs came home. Obviously when she asked how work had been I said ‘fine’


I’m going to have a week worth of leave to take off at some point in Feb/March before I leave this job. It’s winter and I’ve just been on holiday so I can only imagine that’s I’ll take a few long weekends off and do absolutely nothing with them.

That’s not taking a day off though…

You could visit every BC in the country and rank them.

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Sorry, I am a parent and going to post anyway. I often take days off and do this after I’ve dropped my child to school.