Taking a ride in a helicopter

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I mate of a mate was a crash investigator and he said there was one type of helicopter that you should never get in. Can’t remember what it was. Hope this helps someone.


Thanks I’ll make sure I don’t get in that one

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Got one to Isles Of Scilly when the helicopter went from Penzance hated every second of it.

They crash everytim

Can’t think of many other things I would least like to do

I did a 25 min helicopter ride through the Grand Canyon in 2018. Was the same helicopter place where a fatal crash had taken place not long before that killed some Brits. On the day it was pretty windy so they cancelled the 50 min rides but ours still went ahead. It was really bumpy, think the worst plane turbulence x 10. Hated every single minute of it, the people either side of me kept saying it was the best thing ever but I just wanted to not die. Worst $280 I ever spent!

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Can someone develop a plugin that replaces clickbait links at the bottom of articles with little paragraphs like this?

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Hot air balloon

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Dunno why but I once drunkenly texted a pal I’M IN A HELICOPTERRRR!!! They asked for photo evidence so I just sent them a selfie from the pub I was in and that somehow convinced them. My conclusion is just go to the pub it’s basically the same.


Been in a helicopter once, airlifted off a mountain with a concussion. Don’t remember it

And I’d like to see how your hair would fare


Had a dream last night that I died in a helicopter crash. Seems unlikely, I’m never willingly getting into one.

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Maybe you’ll be on the ground when one falls on you?

(obviously I hope this doesn’t happen)

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I dont like how they give prosecco out on it, I’d have a scare

When you saw this thread you must’ve been like :astonished:

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I think the 50 minutes one went to a more risky place, dunno

Don’t seem to hear about hot air balloon disasters much but it’s probably because they’re not used as much. I bet their success:death ratio is horrifying.

Yeah but only over Dubai.

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There was one not that long ago?