Taking a ride in a helicopter

Yeah but only over Dubai.

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There was one not that long ago?

Twice, in fact.

He should know - he’s a qualified pilot, after all.

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He was probably thinking of bumblebees

I have been in a helicopter three times, all as gifts:

Once around New York
Once around the Grand Canyon
Once around Niagara Falls

I enjoyed all of them, but probably wouldn’t spend that much if it was my choice. Not very environmentally friendly, either.

The type where the pilot is a businessman, sports star or a celebrity?

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Gyrocopter? They have very high failure rates.

I did a helicopter piloting lesson a few years back - very difficult to control. They are rigid/have zero suspension so the idea is that you land them as softly as possible. Not me, just flew it pretty much straight into the ground :sunglasses:

No it was a little one but not as small as that

Went in helicopters a couple of times as an air cadet (nerrrrrds.jpg), they are loud, bumpy, rattly, and (air force ones at least) fucking cold. I mean, the ones I went in were at least 30 years old. They were these, I sat by the door like it was a Bugsy Malone version of Apocalypse Now.


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I take it this didn’t happen to you?

I know it’s not funny and would be awful but this does make me laugh.

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Almost as funny as when that woman got dropped into the sea and died

[small] I’m sorry [/small]

Like that scene in Deep Blue Sea

Knew it felt familiar

Only found it while looking for this. You couldn’t pay me to get in a helicopter.

You have just got married, congratulations! As a beautiful wedding gift you have been given an hour flight in a helicopter over your favourite part of the world where your perfect wedding took place. Champagne throughout. As you are about to board you hear the pilot say to their co-pilot “odd, but it seems fine now”

  • lets do this!
  • No I’m scared

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I have done this and I enjoyed it. Unlike many natural wonders, the Grand Canyon exceeded my expectations.

I thought it was boring and just a big expanses of rock

Different strokes :woman_shrugging: