Taking off your shoes and sitting in your stocking feet in the office

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  • What’s wrong with feet?
  • Eww gross, are you mad?

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Sitting barefoot

actually quite often wander round the office in socks.

nobody has challenged me so far.

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socks - fine
feet out - get in the bin


Do a twice daily walk from the loos where I get changed to my desk barefoot or with tights on.

Regularly take my shoes off under my desk.

Wear flip flops on dress down Friday.

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I dislike other people’s feet as much as the next person but unless they stink it doesn’t affect me if someone has their shoes off under the desk. I do it sometimes because no shoes fit me and most women’s shoes are badly designed, cheaply made torture devices anyway


As they say

Feet don’t smell, all things swell
Feet are rank, back in the tank


Even feet out doesn’t really bother me. Lots of women wear sandals so it’s not like you don’t see people’s feet at work anyway

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Like Nicola I am required to do a brief walk through the office in my socks after a bike commute. Shoes are put on very quickly though, lounging around like that is not acceptable

We have loads of aussie guys in our department that wear flip flops year round too. Don’t know what it is about the downgrade from sandal/flip flop to bare foot that gets me but :grimacing:

oh also let me clarify this is wandering around, don’t care what people do under their own desk

having said that if I can’t see em, and can’t smell em, who am I to judge?

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What’s worse is one of the managers here who cycles 12 miles into central London every morning and often spends an hour in his lycra before going to the showers and changing his clothes. He’ll come over and stand next to people to look at something on their computer screen, the outline of his penis level with your face. Please… No.

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heroes in a half shell


not cool - luckily I have things all worked out so I can go straight to the showers from parking my bike, so no one needs to see me in lycra (their loss i know)

It depends on the person’s hygeine and habits, imho. I’d try not to judge or comment. There’s a very particular sort of musty smell of tights worn with trainers that can be pretty grim.

I wouldn’t do it personally, but then i wouldn’t eat cooked food at my desk, or have my mobile off silent, or run/cycle to work without having a shower before my shift, or a hundred other things which to me just seem like very basic manners, but you don’t know everyones circumstances, eh.


I’m actually more okay with bare feet (as others have said, flip flops and similar shoes are practically there anyway) than I am with socks. Socks that have been sweating inside shoes will always be a bit pongy. Fact of life. Keep 'em away.

4/4 for me just today alone. sorry.

I’ve been wearing flip flops for the last 3 weeks and so I sit barefoot. They don’t stink though because I haven’t been wearing socks.

Usually shoeless, never sockless. Every fucking day - EVERY - someone sees this as worth a comment. One day, as I got out of the lifts at the canteen, shoeless, the lift next to me opened, two guys walked out and one of them turned around. He exclaimed: “‘ere, that bloke’s got no fackin’ shoes on.” I was speechless.
Women walk around in bare sodding feet on the office carpet and no one bats an eyelid. Their soles must be filthy. If my socks are any guide.

If I’m walking around, the flip flops go back on though.