Taking someone to court at a high level

Anyone done this?

Feels like a daunting and courageous thing to do.

I went to Courts (the furniture shop) which was above a car park once.


I had sincerely hoped you’d make this reply


The food court at a shopping centre is often on the top level

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I’ve never got further than the Financial Ombudsman Service.

No, my Mummy and Daddy took me there.



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On Friday I went to the top-floor food court section of Westfield Stratford for an enjoyable “special lunch”

Have you been to red nev’s football café in there Tone?

I have been there once about five years ago

I’m disappointed by this because, if you knew where the Courts used to be in my old hometown, you would really have appreciated the “high level” aspect of the joke because it was noteworthily above ground level.

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Are there any photos on the internet? They might help

I’m in the process of trying to find some…

Looking at their website now. Please specify which of the food precincts you visited:

GREAT EASTERN MARKET - Overflowing with the best fresh fare, this food market is the place to go for specialist and independent food outlets, such as jamon kings Enrique Tomas, pasta pros Pasta Remoli, and the sushi experts at Umai by Japan Centre. Lower Ground Floor

WORLD FOOD COURT - Feast on flavours from across the world, including Italian, Thai, Mexican, Caribbean and more. Here you’ll discover delicious, quick food from the best cuisines. First Floor

FAST FOOD COURT - Hungry for convenient fast food? Head to the home of McDonald’s, Subway, Pizza Hut Express and other familiar favourites. Lower Ground Floor

THE STREET & CHESTNUT PLAZA - Step outside to stylish restaurants, cosy cafes, and contemporary eateries. You’ll also find Nando’s, Giraffe and other classic places to dine. Ground Floor and Second Floor.

It’s Maccies innit and he had that deviant Big Mac from the HUKD thread.

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Missed a trick not having a SUPREME FOOD COURT

Ok I can’t find any pictures of it but this is what now stands in the place where Courts used to be. As you can see, the entrance to The Phoenix is at ground level but the pillar on the left hand side gives an idea of the old layout, the al fresco section and doors of the bar didn’t used to be there and it was an open, ground level car park instead, the Courts shop entrance was at the level with the wooden cladding instead. As you can see (if you put your mind to it), the “high level” aspect of my earlier post was one of the best elements of the community contribution. I’m happy to field any further questions.

There is a Casino there, yes.

I visited IndiGo which is on the first floor World Food Court

It’s difficult to tell, the casino entrance is on ‘The Street’ which is external to the rest of the shopping centre but I think is on the equivalent level to the first floor.

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