Taking someone to court at a low level


I’ve been meaning to start a similar thread. Gonna try and get the money my former housemate owes me. I’ve looked into the small claim site, their guidance doesn’t mention anything about sending a letter of ‘notice of action’ but cab et al say it’s important, I sent an email giving a three week deadline about a month ago, is that enough? What kind of evidence do I need, bills, bank statements showing I paid the bills, messages where he accepts liability? Also I don’t want to use my new address, just not comfortable with him knowing where I live or knowing I’ve left the G as he might think he can slunk back. If I use my parents address would that be ok or would it invalidate my whole claim?


have you tried the post office?


Do you have his new address? If so, I would send a “final” letter by recorded delivery and email. Obviously keep the reception and proof of delivery. Be clear in it what he owes you and what for and that if he doesn’t respond by the xxth October you’ll be filing a claim.

For the address, maybe go with TTF, c/o TTF’s Parents?


these aren’t essential for submitting a small claim but if you want to have any chance of your claim being upheld then yes you’d need some, if not all of these


Cheers, It’s weird how the governments money claims website doesn’t actual give any guidance on this


as mentioned above it’s probably worth speaking to citizens advice and having them at least look over your claim form before you submit it, presuming your “letter before action” doesn’t have the desired effect


have you gone through your deposit scheme’s ‘ADR’ process? we’re currently waiting to get to the end of the 20 day period after our landlord just refused to give us a quote for what we owed meaning we couldn’t have the deposit released. not convinced they’re gonna respond to the ADR so i guess i’ll be writing them a letter threatening court action next week…


Unfortunately as mine was a lodging agreement rather than an Assured Short-hold Tenancy, the landlord was not obliged to use the deposit scheme. I am hoping that because there was no inventory at the start, she won’t be able to evidence that any damage to the room was caused by me.

My understanding is that if they wish to make deductions for cleaning etc, they need to provide quotes from companies etc. Although as yours doesn’t seem to be replying at all, this may be seen as favourable towards you if it gets to small claims.

Frustrating isn’t it?


update: got our deposit back minus a ‘check out fee’ of £107 total. adjudicator ruled in our favour on everything else. suck it letting agents/landlords you fucking pricks.


Man who has cleaner wants to take someone to court for a little bit of money

#shameful #peoplewithcleanersdontgetSSP


hahaha enjoy your fucking shit house. i’m suing you, too.


Have fun suing loads of people at Edmonton County Court, twat!


googles of this place have unfortunately yielded some odd results


still need to do this, i’m so lazy


Some cracking reviews tbf. Starting to look forward to a s_a_d vs xylo clash of the legal titans:



in this scenario i am the judge


Today is the 10th business day since ending my tenancy and the deposit hasn’t been returned yet.

Here. We. Fucking. Go.


sent off my letter before action last week, does anyone know the costs of the small claims tract?

Seems quite confusing, there is an initial fee which is a sliding scale based on how much you are claiming (for me it would cost £60 for a £580 claim), but then there are possible hearing fees, and enforcement fees etc. I think the defendant will have to pay if I win (which I am pretty sure I will), but am not certain. the gov.uk site is not particularly helpful just hyperlinks that go round in circles and things like ‘you may have to pay additional fees’. i’m going to go all the way with this out of principle but just want to find out how much money I might need to set aside



from that it would look like £60 initial, £80 for hearing. But then here it mentions a £255 fee as well that MSE don’t