Taking the grill pill (barbecue thread) 🍗🌽🍔🌭

We’ve just bought a Weber gas barbecue. Had to go to a gas shop to buy (rent?) a bottle of gas. Didn’t even know gas shops were a thing but it turns out there’s one just round the corner. Wild.

Anyway, been barbecuing much? Got plans to? What’s your fuel? What you making? Will I blow myself up?

Let’s chat some ‘cue.

Last summer our Bulgarian neighbours (two doors down) barbequed every night of the whole summer, went right through to November when it was fucking cold outside, was very impressed.

This summer they haven’t barbequed once. I don’t know what’s going on.

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I predict we will use this fancy grill approximately three times this summer.



Charcoal, kettle. Us purists look down at gas users. Sorry those are the rules.

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We had a rolling thread for awhile…

Weber charcoal bbq here. Use it all the time (had bbq for dinner last night). Come February I’m already scanning the forecast for a day I consider sunny enough to do the first one of the year :fire:

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Charcoal briquettes started in a chimney starter thing
One of those knock of weber tripod kettle bbqs

Have done a couple of BBQs over the past couple of weekends. Standard BBQ fare appropriate for kids and adults mainly.

When i lived in sydney we cooked everything on the bbq as none of us ever wanted to wash up. I know you should clean the bbq but…we didnt. Only exceptions were noodles, and christmas dinner

Ah I searched for one but “barbecue” didn’t bring it up

Good opportunity to freshen the chat up with this one tbh tbf bbbq :+1:

Weber kettle here too. Although the smaller one, which means I covet an upgrade.

Love barbecue. Would love to barbecue all sorts but my wife likes the standard fare. Victim of my own success really.

Really not keen on the pressure of barbecuing for friends and family though

Argos £50 barbecue here. Charcoal. Had an impromptu one last Saturday, felt a bit extravagant making all that effort for three burgers and two chicken legs (total grillage) but really it was a bit of a loosener, easing back into it.

BBQ is all about the sides really innit, potato salad, slaw, houmous, corn, stick some aubergines on at the end so you can make that dip I’ve forgotten the name of

I have a gas BBQ too - just a small one from B&Q or Argos or somewhere. Works well for a family of four, and is definitely a lot less fuss than heating a pile of charcoal in advance.

^this is so true. This was the last BBQ we had, consisting of maybe 30% barbecued food


Got a Weber kettle too

Was BBQ ing loads in 2020/ 21 but did none last year, I need to rescue it from my overgrown garden

Not a fan. Not even when I was eating god’s delicious animals.

I do think the benefit of gas is that you can just do it at the drop of a hat, as an alternative to using the kitchen.

It will now rain for three months straight no doubt.

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Don’t care for BBQs but I also had to source a Big Bottle of Gas recently and I nearly fainted at the price which I think came to £120. £60 for the gas and £60 for the bottle (refundable if we ever return it).

BiL has just cooked us another steak on this and frankly I’m not sure I can handle cooking on regular BBQs any more.


Those are some island prices

Cost me £120 to get a return ferry ticket next week. Reckon everything on the island costs £120? Gas, ferry, victoria sponge