talk me through how you make a omelette


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Get omlette pan smoking hot

Beat 2 X eggs with salt and pepper

Butter in pan

Egg in pan

Push cooked egg to centre and let uncooked eggs flow into edges - omlette should be cooked in seconds , if it isn’t the pan wasn’t hot enough (unless you are doing something more like a frittata)

Bit of cheese on top, fold omlette (which should cook and bit of egg which are still squidgy)


none of these sound appealing to me

Have a frank and honest discussion with some eggs.


What do you want in your omlette

Still think my DIY Kanye West themed egg bar

Has potential


Spinach mushroom feta and hot sauce ahwooo

Scrambled eggs can fall apart
Bad boiled eggs are way too hard
Omelette? Don’t even start
It’s fried egg, I’m in love


dunno, just something delicious

has anyone ever done a sweet omelette ?

heat grill
grate some cheese
wilt some fresh spinach (warm through frozen spinach)
put pan on medium heat with a big knob of butter
whisk 3 eggs with salt and pepper
pour eggs into butter once it’s melted, quickly stir in spinach, leave for a minute
add hot sauce, salt and pepper, grated cheese to top, transfer to grill for 3 mins
fold and eat

Check out Timmy Two Pans here. I just bosh the egg on top of the mushrooms.


a pancake?

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omelettes without potato in are pretty much worthless

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I’m sure I saw Gary Rhodes do one once - with jam inside and icing sugar sprinkled on top. It didn’t look very appealing

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probably get a brown/grey omelette though

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that sounds grim

I’m a Tommy one panner but will cook the veg in it first and then remove and start the eggs before returning.

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They’re miles better if you finish them off under the grill. thought it was just chefs being nobs but it’s true. they puff up and everything

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