Talk me through your most recent knot

Thank you x

Double bow on my DMs this morning

Classic double knot.

Get knots in my hair quite regularly now it decided to curly when I turned 25ish. So last week.

I unknotted it by taking a shower - I used treaemme 72hr clean - and then deknotted the offending hair fairly easily.

I hope this is satisfactory.


Knot in a million years

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In my hair at work, i like brushing my hair, it is very soothing and even a tangle is okay as long as it isn’t painful

Some fantastic answers so far. Keep em coming!

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I have to know if my response is sufficient ;(

Standard, single bow on my Sambas when I took the dog for a walk at approximately 2.30pm.

A mere like.

Ffs tone. Thought you were real.

It was and is a fantastic response

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Appreciate the sincerity.

Are you going to push the like button?

Fuck you!!!


^ this

A figure 8 with double stopper, tied on 10mm rope

Let’s keep it U certificate, please. This is a thread about knots…

And I’ve given you one. Actually two