Talk Talk - Spirit of Eden is 30


I admire the ambition and the singleness of purpose behind those records but I don’t actually enjoy listening to them that much, partly because I find his voice unappealing (but that’s obviously a personal thing). The arrangements are amazing of course but sometimes I feel they are all surface without much behind them. I’m aware that is a view that very much goes against the current critical consensus. Funny how these things change because they weren’t that highly rated at the time. I think they were underrated at the time and are overrated now.

Listening to the recent amazing reissues of Gentlemen Take Polaroids and Tin Drum reinforces my view that Japan are a far superior band.


Funnily enough, just been listening to Bark Psychosis’ Hex since it was brought up and once again imagining how much better it would sound with David Sylvian’s incredible timbre instead of Sutton’s feeble schoolboy quaver. I wouldn’t want him to replace Mark Hollis, though.


Having read about your listening preferences recently, you not having yet listened to (and accepted as two of your favourite ever records) Spirit of Eden and Laughing Stock is beyond mental, horse.

Take a week off. Immerse yourself. Seek out beautifully remastered vinyl reissues. Bask in the glow of being one of the beautiful people who know



Yeah it’s a big blindspot of mine. I do love the idea of taking a week off work to get into a record but I fear the gf might not be impressed! After one listen it definitely sounds like a music-room-feet-up-glass-of-scotch record though. I’m looking forward to a bit of that.


I like Graham’s voice tbh. Amazing producer too


Yeah I don’t like Mark Hollis’s voice either but I still love both the records. Laughing Stock > Spirit of Eden for me. Two opinions which are not that widely held I don’t think (certainly wasn’t when I polled it on this very site!)



Haha, fair. Purely in the realms of the subjective of course. I just find his vocals a bit “much” but obviously they pack a punch which adds to the whole experience.


Just kidding. I mean I love his voice, but I can absolutely see why it wouldn’t sit right for everyone. He’s got a pretty distinctive tone/approach and that probably means it clicks or it doesn’t.


Heard this on 6 Music Recommends this week from the guy out of Summer Camp… sounds VERY Talk Talk-influenced to me but completely lost in it all the same.

Anything else out there at the moment that is tinged/influenced by the Talk Talk sound?


Holy crap, where has Jeremy Warmsley been all this time? This is quite the 10-year-comeback as tracks go. Beautiful.


Love me some Sylvian. Was just listening to the The Rain Tree Crow album a couple days ago <3


The second half contains I Believe In You, m8, which is like the best thing ever.


I put Laughing Stock on top too.


Best song on Spirit of Eden poll:

  • The Rainbow
  • Eden
  • Desire
  • Inheritance
  • I Believe In You
  • Wealth

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He did the little jingle for the Picturehouse animation they show before the films


That is the business.

Is there a full album due?


Someone who tweets should pester him on twitter, see if he’s got any ambitions for an album of this stuff. I happily threw a quid his way on bandcamp for the song, I’ll jump at a full-length.


Zelienople are Talk Talk as filtered through Silent Hill and are my favourite band of all time. Start with Give It Up, then dive into their back catalogue.


Yes! Great band, and the Silent Hill comparison is weirdly apt. Though for my money The World Is A House On Fire is the best place to start, chiefly for The Southern

Matt Christensen’s near infinite amount of solo stuff is almost entirely brilliant too