Talk Talk - Spirit of Eden is 30


The Southern is as good as anything Talk Talk have done bar New Grass for me. Rest of thr album is decent too


I always thought Inheritance was the best song on that album, its chorus is far far better than almost any chorus in one of their songs since It’s My Life.

None of those recommendations I received like Bark Psychosis were any similar to Talk Talk imo. Not sure why their style never took off. Make a bunch of quiet music with an emphasis on vocals and a proggy/jazzy mix on the instruments which are kept minimal and separated. It’s very tranquil to listen to but I suppose difficult and uncommercial to replicate.


Sold on this description alone!


I came across this marvellous lesser-known Talk Talk song. It was the B-side to “I Believe in You” single from the Spirit of Eden album, but I think it was originally intended to be a proper album track on Spirit of Eden.

A fun little bit of writing about the song from a fan’s perspective here:


This is great - wasn’t aware of it so thanks - and in the course of hunting for it on all the other tons of compilations out there, I discovered that it’s on this comp which Hollis oversaw in 2013 - so quite literally the last time he touched any music. Interesting to hear his choices all together.


Aye, its great. Its Getting Late In The Evening is probably my favourite B-Side of theirs tho


In case people haven’t heard it, this tiny little fragment was the last “new” piece of music from him since his solo album in '98.

Bizarrely I think it was for closing credits in one episode of the Kelsey Grammer TV series Boss

Less than a minute long, but that unique magic is still there…


Yep this happens to me to. Normally prompted by a DiS thread.

Now playing this album over the classroom speakers… no complaints yet.


Crikey, this is good stuff! Listening to ‘The World Is A House On Fire’, and i’m also getting a bit of a For Carnation vibe, which is really no bad thing at all…


Just having my first listen.

Asides from how great the songs are, The production is jaw dropping…I love the way that the instruments appear and disappear, and the way that the extremely harsh distortion is perfectly controlled. (Only one song in)


Like envying a Glastonbury newbie, I envy you listening to SOE for the very first time. Life-affirming/changing!



I appreciate this was just posted in the 2019 albums hype thread, but worth a bump here.

Was just listening to his last album with Beth Gibbons last week funnily enough (great Autumn album).

For some reason I can easily imagine Beth singing the lead single off of this new one as well.