Talk to me about Coffee Bags


Right this could go either way but a friend has mine has brought in coffee bags today.

a teabag of coffee

didn’t actually taste too bad at all



better than instant, not better than pwopa cwoffee


so we know this as a thing

never heard of them before


No no nononononononono.


…there’s no limits?




come on ruffs - join in - you are always welcome


I just don’t care
And you all must know about it


have taken them on hols/work things where decent coffee is hard to come by, you can get these one-use filter things as well you balance over the top of the cup and pour water through

pretty much a mug’s game but needs must


I first encountered them when I was at university. And that was nearly thirty years ago. They were fine then, but I’m not sure my tastes were that sophisticated.


Yup, been around donkeys years.

If you get the strong ones they’re generally fine but obviously environmentally bad.

I’ll tell you what didn’t take off 30 years ago and that’s instant tea granules! Typhoo did them, called QT I think. @NoahVale?


Yep! I got some. Didn’t realise at the time they were decaff though, sadface.


my dad drinks these by choice and prefers them to real tea


Bought some out of curiosity, the relative size of the bag compared to a standard mug means that they displace too much water to make a satisfying cup (and the taste was pretty rubbish).

I am loyal to my Bialetti.


Can’t imagine why they never worked…


Nah when I drank coffee those Tesco one use filters produced, in my mind, a delicious cup. It’s the same mechanism as using one of those big pot filter things (dunno what they’re called) so don’t know why it would differ so much. Only variable is the quality of coffee that’s pre-encased within the filter.

These bags should work by a similar principle. If decent coffee is in them, you’ll end up with a decent cup of coffee. Much better for the environment too because although I did like those filters, the amount of plastic I was burning through a week was frankly offensive.


quality and freshness, pretty much the whole deal there friend


whenever I’ve tried them the coffee inside has been a bit rank


Sure. If you insist on the highest quality and freshest coffee then do something else. I liked 'em.


I only drink that coffee that’s come out of a cat’s arse.

Can you get that in a bag?