Talk to me about... delia derbyshire


what’s her deal? i’ve heard some amount of bbc radiophonic workshop stuff over the years but i;m watching this 70s horror film she did the soundtrack for and it’s great. what should i listen to?


Can’t add a great deal about her but a few years ago a ’ best of’ type of thing was issued which I bought and have enjoyed now and again. Reckon anything with her name on is worth a shot really.



Is the soundtrack ‘Circle of Light’? I’ve ordered that so looking forward to hearing it.
As already mentioned the White Noise album is an absolute classic.I think her other stuff tends to get dotted around the Radiophonic compilations.

I do have a record called ‘The Dreams’ which is a bit of an oddity but which I think is wonderful and i think can be tracked down online with a bit of persistence. It was one of s series of radio programmes (3 in total I think) where a guy called Barry Bermange collected interviews of ordinary people talking about different subjects (dreams, god, politics etc) and then DD set the thoughts within her electronic music. They are a wonderful time piece & historical document as well as brilliant pieces of electronic music.


nah it was a pretty hilarious 70s horror film called The Legend of Hell House, was watching it for a bit of a laugh but there was some really good, unsettling music bubbling away under the surface, but it’s not commercially available it seems. what’s the circle of light ost like?

nice, that ‘the dreams’ record sounds cool. i’ll check it.


Legend of Hell House sounds great!

Haven’t actually heard Circle of Light yet - ordered it ages ago just as an impulse buy. Probably on spotify now though.

Info about The Dreams etc here:


One if the most wonderfully weird albums and more evidence that creatively the late 60s shit on anything else.


Best song of all time: