Talk to me about Milan


Off to the Milan derby in November innit. Will have a few hours to mooch about before the match, what’s essential to have a superficial look at etc?


I went there once. Played at some out-of-the-way venue really late, so got boozed all day right behind an airport. There was a big lake which, as I happily discovered, was holding some world u23 rowing championships. FUCKING LOVE ROWING. probably wanked myself silly that night.

so, idk… find a big lake?


Milan derby - sweeeeeeet.

Have been once but can’t tell you much as I flew in on the morn, went to a warehouse, had some meetings and flew back.
Going next April for a few nights for a trade show, so you can let me know where to go once your back.


Unfortunately I don’t drink, hate rowing/water in general and have never had a wank. Thanks though.


Went once and it was a complete shithole. Took the train to Turin and that was much, much nicer.

But, you know, hope you have a good time and that.


HTH m8


Thanks, man. (Turin derby is on the agenda at some point as well hopefully)




one of the places that Fred is too sexy for


I went in my gap yarr and watched AC vs Lazio. Shevchenko scored a free kick, Di Canio scored a penalty and then Crespo came on late to seal the deal for AC.

I played football in a park with a load of Italian lads, one of them spoke really broken English and kept saying ‘I, Paul Scholes’. I’d recommend doing that @Antpocalypsenow.


They go there in series four of Coach Trip. In the morning they go to the San Siro and in the afternoon they got to choose whether to go to the cathedral or shopping, Most went shopping. The lift operator at the cathedral was rude which made Brendan very annoyed.


Can’t remember the exact time but at about 4 or something some bars put loads of free food out and it’s happy hour on drinks. Good.

Also if you want to see that famous picture, book ticket online, it’s a bit shit though really.


That sounds like a good laugh that.


I’ll probably have a superficial look at the cathedral in fairness


Thinking back now, I don’t think he was Paul Scholes.


halcyon days, man.


Just the most ridiculous set of players across the park. We all bought shirts from the shop after the game, I had Shev, my mate had Maldini and my other mate had Rui Costa!


Went quite recently for a weekend break. Wasn’t a big fan. It’s definitely a working, modern city, not at all like Florence and Rome or the big tourist draws.

The cathedral is probably the main sight, you have to pay to get in and they’re cunts about appropriate dress for women (not men though, funny that). It’s not even that nice a cathedral.

The Brera Museum and Gallery is nice though, if you like art.

Food and drink was fine, nothing special, there’s quite a big beer scene but it’s mostly out in the suburbs so not easy to get to (not that you’ll be after the beer).


But what about airports?