Talk to me about procrastination


Ruining my life and I reckon I’ve got it worse than anyone


The oldest profession in the world, innit?


Bored of the sight of my own posts. Gonna take a week off.


Can I talk to you later about it?!

  • break up what you need to do into manangeable achievable blocks
  • write down what you need to do and tick off as you go so your achievements, however little, are visible and acknowledged
  • give yourself time constraints that you are in control of (ahead of normal deadlines)
  • give yourself ‘rewarded time off’ dedicated to not thinking about the work you need to do/ to allow procrastination.
  • make sure your work area/ space is comfortable and you can switch off from other distractions
  • allow yourself to have mini breaks so you can satisfy the urge of those mini distractions eg: 10 minutes to faff around on internet before going back to concentrating.


write to do list :white_check_mark:








YOU’RE bored of them?! :laughing: