Talk to me about t-shirts

Any decent sites out there for t-shirts that are cheap and easy to return if they don’t fit?

I know it’s inevitable that most will be rammed with pop culture reference t-shirts and shit music t-shirts, why do so many bands put so little effort in?


Sorry it’s not quite on topic but what annoys me is bands who have online merch stores but when you select your preferred design/size they are invariably out of stock and never seem to come back in. Or, bands who sell t-shirts at gigs but don’t make them available online.

How difficult is it to get a few t-shirts printed, FFS.

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Uniqlo are decent and cheap

Like some of these designs, cheers.

Having a look the now.

Some good stuff, thanks. Website is a pain in the crack though, ha ha.

Any idea how these compare in size to more common brands/stores?

Gildan for me.

£3 each.

An XL fits me and it’s still a bit baggy, most other XL ts I have (Rapha, chapter 3, morvelo ect…) come up a bit snug on me. So they’ll come up slightly bigger I hope

ooh, this looks good. cheers.