Talking Heads, what's their best record?

I drift between Speaking in Tongues and Little Creatures, although sometimes 77.

More Songs About Buildings and Food


yeah, that’s also really good.

maybe Fear of Music


there’s not really a bad record is there

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Remain in Light for me Cliev.


Fear Of Music by a slight margin over Remain In Light for me.
Both are absolute classics.
What a band though.


what a fucking band


Another vote for Little Creatures, with Walk It Down being their best song.

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Fear Of Music



Says a lot about a band that there is nowhere near general consensus here

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I like to think it’s Remain in Light, but sometimes the second half is a bit too gloomy. Speaking in Tongues is a joy from start to finish but doesn’t feel, I don’t know, quite as good

I’m not sure I could ever decide between the two. One of those ones.

But everything they’ve done is great. I find myself listening to True Stories a lot, particularly Love For Sale.

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Got into them through Fear of Music. It’s still my favourite.

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Split the difference by saying Stop Making Sense Soundtrack??

  • Talking Heads 77
  • More Songs About Buildings and Food
  • Fear of Music
  • Remain in Light
  • Speaking in Tongues
  • Little Creatures
  • True Stories
  • Naked

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Original version, or the 1999 version that moreorless follows the setlist from the film?

I’ve kind of grown up with these records (well from the age of 16/17 to … however old I am now) and I love them all for different reasons.

True Stories is probably the weakest but it doesn’t really feel like a proper TH album anyway. Speaking in Tongues has some great songs but I prefer the amped up versions from SMS.

Speaking in Tongues is my favourite. Has a great funk to it.

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Tom Tom Club are better

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