Talking to yourself


do you ever talk to yourself? I don’t mean ‘in your head’ talking to yourself, but actually verbalising it?

I was just having a nice chat with myself walking through the square in front of my work, until I locked eyes with my highly amused and smirking (soon to be ex) boss. Oh dear.

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maybe not in public, but i often say things to myself in the flat


All the time. Someone caught me in the kitchen earlier and had to pretend I was singing by doing some rhythmic hmming afterwards #smooth #goodsave


Loads, yeah.


Me too.


At home, all the time, especially if I’m doing a manual task or DIY.

My girlfriend hasn’t got annoyed with it yet, and uses my continual muttering as a way of knowing whether I’ve managed to kill myself with a power tool or not.


Used to spend most days belittling myself

Think the meds have helped


When I’m under stress I talk to myself and it annoys me


I do it incessantly. In fact I’ve a horrible suspicion that even when just talking ‘in my head’ my lips are silently moving.


Yeah absolutely loads, have to stop myself doing it at work all the time. My flatmate pointed out that when I play video games I kind of narrate what I’m doing all the time, which I hadn’t even noticed! :smiley:


that’s the thing, it bugs me SO much that I do it. I always swore I never would. My mum used to do it when we were small, usually when driving (and sometimes she’d take both hands off the wheel to emphasise a point (to herself I presume)). Noooooooo.


Talk to myself in my head all the time. Out loud talking is restricted to the occasional ‘fucks sake laelfy’ when I’ve really annoyed myself.


This is going to sound fully nuts, but if my gf isn’t around I’ll commentate on my own penoid card games while I’m playing them. It helps me think objectively about my decisions.

The fact that it makes me incredibly cool too is just a happy coincidence.


sometimes if I post something great on here or someone else does I’ll say it out loud a couple of times to try it on for size.


endlessly in my head but never out loud. i tend to read books out loud in a whisper though :confused:


yeah do it all the time


It’s universal and psychologically healthy to talk to yourself when you’re alone.

I think if you’re doing it in public it’s not bad per se but maybe a symptom of being very wrapped up in your own head and detached from the immediate situation


i do but then get a bit paranoid that someone can hear me and knows how much of a weirdo i am


I spend a lot of time on my own so yes, a lot. I do have to make sure to try and keep it internal while in public or at work to prevent getting sectioned!