Talking to yourself


I do it a fair amount, but not as bad as I thought I was after having the plumber I did recently. Loudly talking to himself the whole time, to the point where I kept thinking he was calling down to me.


all the fucking time. constant verbal diarrhoea


Yeah loads, and I’m various accents


Are ya aye?


Ha, eh aye


Pretty sure I’ve told this story on here before, but once my talking to myself escalated to the point where I told myself to shut up out loud.


oh i definitely do it with computer games - you’d never catch me wearing a headset but whenever i play online it’s soundtracked by a constant stream of “ohh don’t shoot me you CUNT!”


i was doing the same thing in public, and like everyone turned my way watching me, so I turned the last thing I said into a quick song about waffles.


I talk to the cat a lot.