Talking to yourself

Does anyone else do that thing where you kind of mentally talk through something but aren’t sure whether you’ve said it out loud?

Had a strong sense that I fairly loudly said “I’m out later so I’ll activate the all day pass not the single journey ticket” at the busy bus stop.


Was jabbering to myself in the health food shop picking out some soy cream. They’re probably used to it in the health food shop.

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What is that?

I’d have probably been like, soy cream, I am cream, soy cream, I am cream… Have I been saying that out loud?

soy cream
eres cream
es cream
somos cream
sois cream
son cream

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Do it quite a lot when cooking. Especially if what I’m cooking can be fitted in to ‘cooking an x for the very first time’

Working on the tills at my new job I have found myself saying the name of the item I’m scanning each time so I get it correct.

One of the best things about having a dog is that I’m not talking to myself anymore, just letting the dog in on my thoughts. Thanks, dog!


remember how you used to be able to talk any old bollocks to yourself when you were alone in an age before it was auto-activating the microphone on your smartphone and sending all your most bizarre rantings to the government