Do you ever go through phases where having conversations with people is really hard work? I do, I’m in one of those phases now. Small talk with colleagues is like trying to draw blood from a stone (I’m the stone). Don’t know what it is.


yeah sometimes it’s just laziness for me, it’s a lot of effort to say words

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like mentally I don’t mind having a conversation but cba to move my mouth

For me there’s just zero spark there… like the part of my brain that gets reward from conversation is dead.

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ah well it could be your job is stressful and getting you down? Hope you feel better soon!

Sometimes I start a conversation with the lad next to me at work and regret it instantly. Not that he’s boring or owt, I just can’t be arsed.


I’m a good responder but a bad starter.


Dont tend to get involved in conversations at work

I basically work with David Brent

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I dont really mind it but my brain and my mouth dont really work in unison and I end up tripping over my words and sounding weird.


I get this now and again, the issue is it doesn’t make me want to hang out with people any less. So I arrange/agree to go for a pint, sometimes one on one and sit down to realise I don’t actually want to say anything


i would far rather talk to my colleagues than do any actual work. i can’t be the only one


This is VERY much me.

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Remember seeing that scene in being john malkovich where the receptionist cant understand him and thinking ‘it’s too real, maaaaan’

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I think I entered that phase about 2 years ago and haven’t come out of it. If it’s a group situation or work I just stay silent, although if I’m in a public place on my own I can’t wait to have a chat with a waiter/shop worker etc. I think because I can control it, know I can leave quickly and it’s not expected to be a long conversation. But yes, I have nothing to say to people who I probably should be making an effort with anymore.

Also me, not ideal on my tours. It’s pretty much like having a stutter, I think it probably is a speech impediment of some sort but I don’t know what it’s called. I just talk absolute nonsense words that don’t exist and its only really started in the last 5 years but some days can be really bad. Not so much one on one but public speaking or anything like that.

In the wrong job.

Yesterday morning i was talking to some one about oh blah blah blah how was your half term and i was just pretending to be interested and thought of saying “oh right?” but my mouth thought otherwise and said “oh yeah?” Except both overrode each other and it came out like “oh ree-yeah?” And i instantly squinted to myself and wanted to die


“Yeah we went to a castle…and…”

“Oh REE-YEAHH?” :crazy_face::woozy_face:

never sure whether it’s less embarrassing to try and correct yourself after or to just leave the mangled word hanging there and move on.