Yeah I’m going through a phase of tripping on my words more in the last month or two, it’s annoying.

It makes me feel guilty as sometimes I feel like I have no time for perfectly nice/ decent people but I can’t really fake it if I don;t click with them or find them interesting

Currently at a trade show, so aye :grimacing::grinning:

yeah i’m terrible generally
humpdays are the worst day for this. too early to ask people’s plans for the weekend, too late to ask what they did last weekend

I’m getting better at stuff like this but normally whenever anyone engages with me that I don’t know reeeeeally well my fight/flight instinct kicks in. And I literally want to fly away, like actually grow wings and just casually take off while sipping my coffee. “Mmm that sounds great but I’m airborne now. Bye!”


I think the issue for me is that I don’t care what colleagues think and I don’t care what they think about me. With friends conversation and small talk flow fine. But I should make more effort in work to pretend.

Today I didn’t have this feeling, to the extent that my voice felt physically different as I was talking; it left my mouth easier, was louder, more intelligible and didn’t feel like it was weighed down by an invisible force.

I still didn’t have much desire to converse with someone I find boring, but it wasn’t like wading through treacle. I’m wondering if I’ve only just got over a cold properly, or I had a random block of depression.


I just had an annoying one where someone said “hi” and I looked up and said “morning” and looked away but then I quickly looked back and they were still looking at me so I looked away again and it felt weird.

I just tried saying “cheers, you too” but ended up saying “chiou” KMN

Go whole days speaking a total of maybe 10 words. Completely bewildered by people who can spend an hour straight jabbering.

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If I’m feeling depressed it’s a huge struggle, even if I really try as a means of trying to pull myself out of the low mood.

Words and ‘banter’ just don’t come to me.

When I’m average/happy it’s easy and I don’t have to think about it.