Tame Impala is just one fella

The singer. Gets people to play stuff when he tours.

  • I knew this
  • Thought they were a band wtf

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Tame Impala = shit

  • I knew this
  • I know this now

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“If it’s me and Marilyn Monroe on bongos, it’s Tame Impala.”

– Kevin Federline


new Slipknot single


should be called tame imfella


Good post

two polls and no one used the less i know the better option. disappointing.

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bores my tits off

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He could work with Danny Dyer in Transylvania and become LAD the Impala

  • Tame Impaler
  • Tame Impalah

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Is an impala a horned animal?

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Ok yeah I thought so ignore me

Bon Iver

  • Always knew it was one fella
  • Didn’t know it was one fella and then I found out it was one fella

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Used to think Bon Jovi was one bloke.

pitchfork really like the drum mastering on one of the albums, how about that

I remember the day I learnt that jon bon jovi’s real name was bongiovi. it was an uneventful day


Same. Today. Shit.

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I think Bon Iver is an odd one. It started off as just him, and now he refers to them as a band.

Jon Bon Iver

They should invite Bono to the band. Might keep him out of trouble for a while.

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