Tame Impala is just one fella

The TV just told me she thought Led Zeppelin was one guy, called Led Zeppelin, who sang and played guitar with a backing band, like the Jimi Hendrix Experience.

Still processing this information.


Iron & Wine? more like Iron & Whine hahaha


Belle and Sebastian aren’t a duo, none of them are called Belle or Sebastian, and they’re shite

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Next you’ll be saying none of Charly Bliss are called Charly Bliss. Or none of Veruca Salt are called Veruca Salt.

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Marilyn Manson is the name of the band as well as the man

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Alice Cooper was the name of the band though I think, he kind of switched it to being him later on

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I didnt actually know that

I think MM has always been the name of the band but as they got bigger and Manson himself became more of an entity people just forgot about the rest of them


Isnt Alice Deejay like 4 or 5 lads?

I reckon when its a band like that with the theatrics they probably expect it, Twiggy did alright too.

I reckon its worse joining a band named just after the singer like Flint. Can’t think of any others

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She’s better off alone imo


PJ Harvey was a band at first.

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The Polyphonic Spree is the name of one man

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You’re thinking of Fleet Foxes. Not one of whom are foxes, nor are they particularly quick.

The Postal Service were so named because they used to send each other demo tapes and the like via “the postal service”. [clasps hands together to indicate synergy]

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Isn’t MM’s band called “The Spooky Kids” ?

Alice Deejay is a Dutch trance-pop project founded and produced by Wessel van Diepen, Dennis van den Driesschen, Sebastiaan Molijn and Eelke Kalberg

So who the fuck is Alice?

Right at the start but before they got signed they shortened it I think

If ever there was a ‘like x 10’ button…

Led Belly

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i’ve been to a tame impala gig and i did not know this

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