Tame Impala

He’s back baby!


Surprised that’s their/his big comeback single.

It’s fine but really sounds like a filler track on Currents… a bit of a shrug from me.


Yeah, this.

Not a lot to get excited about on first listen but it’s pleasant enough and the production is very nice. I think there will be more tricks up their/his sleeve though. In Kevin we trust.


Really like this. Feels like a summery/ upbeat version of a Currents song

Nice enough track but not their biggest earworm and underwhelming compared to Let it Happen

It’s the so/so sound of the summer


Can’t remember a thing about this song the second it finishes.

Toro Y Moi has been furrowing this field with slightly better results I think

I like this a lot! I love the cheesiness and the arpeggios, just nice to be back in Kev’s perfectly produced little world of keyboards innit

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Its pretty low key but I like this, although four years is a pretty long time to wait for a new album.

I like this. It’s low-key definitely, but I’m glad it doesn’t sound like it’s had Mark Ronson’s hand all over it. If anything it’s a slight regression in terms of approach. I think there’ll be a swift follow-up single given the muted response and that will be more akin to their big hitters.

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Can’t shake the beat being strikingly similar to Hold On, We’re Going Home.

Slowly coming round to this track - definitely don’t think it’s up there with his best work, and it doesn’t really make sense as a lead single in comparison to Let It Happen, etc. But if it’s an album cut I could live with that - has some nice moments and enjoyable overall


Friendship ended with Tame Impala. Now POND is my best friend.

(Song’s fine)

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Hope this one’s a grower too, really enjoying Patience after being a bit lukewarm to it initially

On a semi-related note Kevin Parker seems to have really improved as a live vocalist between Lonerism and Currents. Anyone know why?

  • Grown in confidence
  • Singing with a backing track a la yer man from Phoenix/some other technical wizardry
  • Been to see a famous doctor in Barcelona

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Both songs are growers for me. An album of this with no filler would be ace.

Patience is good but it feels like it’s coming off or leading into a big banger on an album

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O2 Arena in June :hushed:

Damn, guess that’s the end of me seeing them live outside of festivals

i rarely go to gigs these days but that seems like really short notice… i’m doing something in Cambridge that day until like half 6, don’t think I’d have time to get to this after. fuming :see_no_evil: