Tan levels

  • I’m significantly more tanned than I would normally be at this time of year
  • I’m a little more tanned than would normally be at this time of year
  • I’m about as tanned as I would normally be
  • I am a vampire slash wear factor fifty

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Fucking vitamin D addicts LEAVE ME ALONE


Quite good at getting mildly tanned, have been working outside more this year so it’s slightly above average, quite liking it.

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Less tan

Possibly less tan; certainly no more.

Please remember to always wear the appropriate level of sun protection, and re-apply as directed.

For the majority of lockdown my main activity for the day was taking my daughter for a long walk in a park, and it was generally sunny all the fucking time, so I’m way more tanned than usual, summer holiday levels for sure.

Loads more tanned. No work, long hikes and cycles + lycra = tan lines ahoy!

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tanned a can of juice earlier

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I think whatever mechanism causes tanning might be broken in me. I used to get tanned as a child but since about age 14 this no longer happens. I have been sunburnt approx 4 times since then. My boyfriend is ginger and I’m paler than him. Once we went for a walk that was mostly in the shade. He put sun cream on and i didn’t. He went pink and i didn’t. I haven’t met anyone paler than me. :woman_shrugging:

Love being able to get my legs out on the balcony.

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Way less, would normally have been outside much more and I tan v easily

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Jealous of anyone with a balcony


And us balcony dwellers are jealous of any one with a garden.

(Do feel very lucky to have some outside space tho)

Ireland’s not getting a summer this year so I’m as tanned as I normally am. It’s been absolutely pissing out of the heavens for days now.

Check out my flip flop lines

EDIT: I’m aware the picture is massively on the wonk


We’ve got a communal garden but I’ve never used it. Bit overlooked, small and only used by a few kids occasionally and people taking their dogs out to go to the toilet. I’m very jealous of anyone with their own garden.

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Wish I had a better tan

What is “tan”? Asking for a ginger.

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quite pale normally but tan quite easily because genes I guess.

mind you, still haunted by that time I sat on a beach for hours in the blazing sun two years ago and neglected to apply lotion to my feet.

Last weekend someone told me I look Brazilian and then the day after someone else said I look Spanish
:sunglasses: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: