Tan Lines

What ones you rocking right now?

The usual, or any new styles?

This is now the cycling thread


My t-shirt tan is very ridiculous and I also have a particularly notable sock-line but just under my ankles instead of somewhere else

Do I need to eve

Looked at my upper thighs the other day and they look sick (not the good sick)

I don’t give adam

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Full on tshirt tan. Looks like I haven’t washed my forearms for weeks

alright maradona



oh wow

Why did the baker have brown fingers

Because he kneaded a poo


Whatever happened to Tanlines?

You mean other than releasing a new EP a few months back?

Finding out that they released a five track EP of kids nursery rhymes leaves my question even more unanswered, if anything.

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I do quite like the format of their website, from a few years ago:

i have no tan lines because i don’t tan

Running through my mind

Stop wearing fingerless gloves, mate.

Can’t. Get really dry hands if I cycle without gloves.

As documented elsewhere, my flip flop tan lines are ridic