Tangerine Dream have a new album coming out

if anyone knew? I didnt.

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Seems weird them carrying on under that name sans Edgar (though apparently he / his wife supported the idea so ya know)

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Ulrich Schnauss still a part of this?

so many questions from proper fans here

oh he’s the (dead - RIP) founding member, didnt know this
yes this is weird

Nah I don’t think it’s weird. I mean look at the list of ex members! Just like Sugababes really.

quite enjoy how theres a new synth in the vid every 30 seconds :laughing:

guessing this was recorded a few years ago as theyre touring some covid rescheduled dates next year.


oh, didnt mean to sound rude there, wasnt taking the piss

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This is quite nice, isn’t it?

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I have a Conrad Schnitzler LP somewhere, must dig it out and see if it’s as shit as I remember.

Not interested in new Tangerine Dream personally, Alpha Centauri and _Zeit_are all the TD I ever need.

Can’t say I am either. But happy for them to carry on though.

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Oh yeah, same. Wild how they’re still going after all this time.

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I hadn’t thought about them for years until Ulrich got involved. He’s a bit of a genius I think.