Tap water

Had a discussion with my wife about this at the weekend, and it seems like the sort of thing DiS ought to have #opinions on.

She was in bed and wanted me to fill up her glass. So I went into the bathroom but she said she didn’t want upstairs water, she wanted it from the kitchen. When pressed on why, she said that the upstairs water has “been in the pipes all day”. I don’t know where she thinks the downstairs water lives, I didn’t press the point.

So, DiS - is upstairs water a thing? Does it taste of pipes? Really feels like this is innocuous enough to have someone get in an absolutely towering rage by the end of the day. We can have soft v hard (lol) and North vs South too, it’s the topic that will keep giving. Maybe.

Nobody anywhere in the country can tell the difference between tap waters of different regions, rooms or taps. Also nobody can tell the difference between tap water and bottled water.

Yes, I believe it to be A Thing

London tap water is opaque


I always grew up believing that the bathroom tap water was somehow inferior to kitchen tap water, and also never to drink any water from the hot tap since it came from a tank in the roof that probably had dead pigeons in it.

Mrs HYG happily drinks water from the bathroom tap, but I still prefer the kitchen.


Water is see through

Probably needs a poll.

Upstairs water:

  • A thing
  • Not a thing

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Different rooms - same water
Different geographical locations - different water


I do not believe this to be true.


we have a garden tap which basically from the main before the water even gets to kitchen sink and yet no-one (including me) wants to drink from it

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There might be some grim shit growing around the tap nozzle outside though

What if you live in a flat? Is all water upstairs water if not on ground floor? There’s no difference between my bathroom and kitchen water.

looks ok to me


depends on yr plumbing i think, sometimes cold water in bathrooms comes from a tank where water has been stood all day where there could be literal shit in it

kitchen water comes straight from mains supply


Also, 844,000,000 people on the planet don’t have access to clean running water and so when people go on about “the water in the upstairs tap/London/not-Evian” it’s pretty disgusting.


London water

  • Noticeably bleak
  • I don’t know how to taste or look at things

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Definitely a thing. When I was a kid our bathroom tap water came from a storage tank in the loft and so wasn’t as fresh. Don’t know if that is just because our house was super old though, so maybe it’s not a thing nowadays.

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When we were growing up we were told the same thing. There was a water tank in the roof which we were told supplied the bathroom with water, and the kitchen tap was supplied direct from the mains. The scare tactic used on us was that roof water would have SPIDERS and SPIDER POO in it.

Sounds like bollocks, but given how erratically our house was plumbed it’s probably true.

I have had this same argument with the TV. She believes that the upstairs water comes from an inferior supply because it goes through a tank in the loft (it doesn’t).

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I don’t have a water tank. Reckon this upstairs water thing is probs a hangover from those days though