Tap water

Never drink from the bathroom taps because my Dad told me this 30 years ago.


bleak, but don’t really notice unless making a cup of tea, where you get a load of shitty scum on the top from all the shitty scale

been meaning to invest in a water filter for ages, maybe this is the nudge i need


Right on the second point, wrong on the first. The difference in water between, say, London and somewhere like, say, Burton’s incredible.

First time i worked down south i thought people were spiking my brews. Tasted absolutely foul. Dunno, kind of chalky. Horrible.


Lol, meanwhile back in opposite land…

The first thing I would do when I got back to Scotland from a stint in London was drink a glass of water, and then go for a shower and wash my hair in the gorgeous fresh non-limey-dingy water. The difference between the two ‘waters’ is like night and day.


And UPs a law talking guy so you know it’s the truth. :+1:

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Some degree of hyperbole in my initial post obviously, the main point remains that anyone in the western world moaning about the quality of water available to them from a tap that is 30 seconds away from them needs to have a long hard look at themselves.


I have never lived anywhere that isn’t a HARD WATER AREA.

How sad is that.

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Yeah, definitely tastes different. Isn’t this why different beer styles evolved in opposite ends of the country? Light up north, dark down south.

I’m used to water down here now so it tastes and feels weird to me when I’m up north.


according to this even @Aggpass, soft water champion, lives in a hard water area

Upstairs water is definitely a thing and I would actually favour upstairs water when I was younger.

All my water is on one level now and that’s upstairs.

It depends on what kind of plumbing system you have, and whether there are header tanks and storage tanks in it.

Combi boilers don’t require header tanks, but older condensing boiler tanks do.

There is definitely a noticeable difference between tap water from different regions of the UK, but anyone who says that London water is undrinkable, or that it need filtering beforehand, is just being a bit weird, imo.

(That loud screeching sound you can hear is Tony shifting some goalposts).


WTF? It doesn’t even taste of anything

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The water in Dublin and Sydney is disgusting. Like drinking from a swimming pool.
London water is amazing in comparison.

This is a perfectly reasonable assessment tbf


Yeah, I don’t think people were doing that though. Just noting that london water is fucking rank compared to other places in the UK. Do we now need to suffix everything with the proviso that obviously we are grateful to have running water and not having to walk to a well twice a day and risk dysentery? I thought that was a given.


That’s not the waters fault, thats because you’re not descaling your kettle. When did you last descale your kettle?

descale it pretty regularly tbh

This. We don’t even have a tank in the fucking loft! Why am I going downstairs to fill up the kids and your water!

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I’ve had the same kettle since 2005 and i’m yet to descale it.