Hmmm not sure, I’ll dig out mine and take a look

That’d be brilliant, don’t want to be a pain though if it’s any hassle.

Me and my sister made tape radio shows with our toys interviewing each other. Not as cute as the kitten show though. :slight_smile:


Mine doesn’t, just one way cassette into pc. There must be some that do it though, mine was mega cheap (like <£20)

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Thanks for checking mate.
Reckon running an aux cable between headphones socket on pc and the hifi might be a handy solution for me.

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The tracklisting of their tapes if you’re interested:


Molchat Doma 1

Molchat Doma 2

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I do it by running laptop/phone into the stereo amp, which the tape player is connected to. It just sees is as something like a CD player then. Usually have to turn the volume up a bit though.

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Yeah that sounds like a plan, could Whack headphones into hifi so the neighbours aren’t cracking up at me :smiley:

I’m going to try and find audio from the old Christmas video where I yelp with excitement that I’ve got “a tape!”


Just came across these covertape pics taken about 11 years ago (with some bonus VHS going on in the background, for good measure). Probably already posted to an oldDiS thread. Duplicates cos it was post-merge, pre-declutter of mine-and-her collection. Still have ‘em, as well as a whole load of others. Still have my very first: (Bros’ Push).

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Of course!

Lost a big bag of tapes on tour about 10 years ago which was sad but still have loads. Probably better now as its a bit more refined.

I like picking up random ones from bigger bands - like the Cave In Shapeshifter tape and then generally its noisy, DIY type stuff. Got a bunch of old black metal stuff also.

Nice to see some effort going on with current resurgence. My last one was a nice pink tape with a pressed flower inside from a mates band. Delightful. Got a nice glittery Respire tape recently also.

I’ve got a tape player in my separates but have no room for it in the lounge so have to plug it in when i want to listen. Its almost better though as when i plug it in it inspires me to sit down and have a listen to a few.

Used to love a £1 cassingle

Really wish I’d kept them all now :neutral_face:

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