Targeted ads that are a massive insult (rolling)

Just got this in my insta stories


What ads are you getting that need to Fuck off?

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What does it say?

It’s an ad for ’active conference, events and training’ in a refurbished hotel on a little island outside of Stockholm. The worst kind of neoliberal teambuilding office bollocks

No thanks


I hate konferenser!

I just get targeted ads for the pair of trainers I already bought 3 months ago. I don’t think Google has a good read on me.

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just look at it bam

Imagine those are your work colleagues!


The only good thing there is the guy’s brown shoes clashing with the suit.

Fucking suits

nobody even wears suits in Sweden apart from estate agents, bank managers & politicians - and out of those 3 only politicians wear ties

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What a truly wretched ad

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Sometimes get ads for energy drink powders where the guy is like “Oi mate this is for creatives like musicians and gamers! Psyche!”

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Can’t imagine good people running the energy drink powder companies

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Because I have to do loads of esoteric research for work I get ads for high end finance companies, £17,000 watches, oil and gas stuff, but also things about healthcare procurement and social care, and for a brief period loads of ads for drones. Probably not gonna buy any of this stuff, ad people!


I reckon you should get an oil powered Rolex drone to procure your healthcare


I either get:

Baby clothes (I don’t want children)
Bike shit (yes OK)
Men’s clothing

I use YouTube for music in work and I really enjoy how the VPN gives me random German ads. Really top stuff to be wasting their dollar

Get out of my ads!

Seriously, my recommendations are all oligarch shit, it’s ricidulous.



This looks like it was taken five seconds before a horrific clash of heads or what John Motson would describe as an “agricultural” challenge