Taskmaster - an absolute casserole of a TV programme

Turns out, right, that this show called Taskmaster on DAVE, of all things, is one of the funniest shows on TV. Who knew? I didn’t, until this week. Me and my dad have fired through two series of it. It’s hilarious.

Have YOU seen it?


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yeah it can be pretty good. Noel Fielding’s on the new series though so it’ll probably be unbearable


Yeah it is great. Obviously some tasks are funnier than others. Feels fairly ad-libbed which is vital and none of the guests seem to be desperately trying to shoehorn in their stand-up material which is the usual for panel shows.


Diminishing returns. Wish they’d kept the original line up. There’s been basically one less funny person per series to the point where we’re at Noel fucking Fielding now.

Alex Horne is the best though, go and see his stand up or the Horne Section if you ever get the chance. One of the most inventive comedians around. (be prepared for potential audience participation though…)


Dream line up from the participants so far would be Tim Key, Romesh Ranganathan, Sara Pascoe, Paul Chowdhry and Katherine Ryan.

I saw him a few years ago at the Chapel Islington. Mainly went for Adam Buxton but were treated to Horne who was brilliant, and a surprise set from Tim Key. Marvellous.

I enjoyed the second series as much as the first. Not sure about the new line-up, although I don’t have much of a problem with Fielding.

Series 5 wishlist:
Jon Robins
Sarah Millican (she’d be good on it trust me)
James Acaster
Johnny Vegas
Sean Lock

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His last two full shows have been one which was constructing a massive Rube Goldberg machine and the other one was boiling down those daft “you spend four years of your life in the bath” or whatever stats into an hour and spending the equivalent relative amount of time doing them on stage. Great stuff.

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<3 sara pascoe
bring josh widdicombe or frank skinner in for chowdry

It’s been alright hasn’t it. Shows that the concept can hold up even without a single funny person being a contestant which is good news for it long-term.

Yeah seen it a few times and it’s alright.

harsh on Joe Lycett imo

I’ve seen 3 episodes and always thought it was a bit crap and lacked any flow or urgency.

This is now the Kevin Sullivan thread

He’s shite mate.

New series just started with BOB MORTIMER

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i like this program

Taskmaster is my favourite thing on tv. Absolutely love it.


Can’t see this without being reminded of:


The new series has been dynamite so far, much MUCH better than last series.

Aisling and Sally are both off their nut, Mortimer is obviously the funniest man ever, Kumar is somehow annoying and very likeable at the same time. Mark Watson is also there.

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I like Mark Watson, Sally Phillips is fucking great as well, disappointed by Bob so far and the other two are extremely fucking irritating IMhO

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