Taskmaster - an absolute casserole of a TV programme

I’d rather have Losers of the losers tbh. Proper car crash TV of all the funny people.


Think the original C4 commission was for 6 series as well, confusing now that they’ve renewed it up to 21 instead of 20 in terms of CoC but it’ll definitely be recommissioned again so it’s fairly moot

Love it obv but always thought 2 series a year is a lot, would be perfectly happy with 1 a year, but not gonna complain

Cannot be arsed with a kids version though


Excited for the kids one. Watched a beeped episode with my 9 year old and she loved it

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Have tried with a few isolated YouTube clips, selected for likelihood to go down well, but it hasn’t really drawn my kids in. Can’t in honesty say I’d expect the full version to fare any better. Just old people doing old people stuff to a 6 year old.

But have high hopes for the junior version. In the same way that Junior Bake Off has hit the spot.

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Oooh, do we know who’s going to be on it?

I thought it was common knowledge but just in case people don’t want it spoiled…

Frankie Boyle, Ivo Graham, Jenny Eclair, Kiell Smith-Bynoe, and Mae Martin

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Excellent, cheers!

Really want to love the Australian one but half the contestants are deeply irritating, the laughter is I think augmented by canned laughter, and the tasks aren’t that funny. Very weird

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Which are the irritating ones?

Enjoying it so far. The ginger guy is really good, and quite like the Taskmaster (Assistant is all right but not as good as NZ). The two excitable ones aren’t too funny, but don’t mind them. The other two are good in parts too.

Huh! I’ve been really enjoying it. Jimmy is pretty annoying but the rest are good in their own way.

I thought it’s had some really good tasks. The phone call one was the best simple task I’ve seen for ages. The outside ones aren’t very good though.

I like the Australian TM. Contestants are good, team dynamics are very good, big Tom is a decent TM and I’m enjoying little Tom’s more impish take on being the assistant. The ageing task from the last episode was great.


Big Tom being too nice and reasonable is my main problem with it. But I think he learns it’s funny to be mean through the series.

Taskmaster Tom is good and definitely gets the character, unlike NZ Jeremy. But then NZ assistant is great so it balances out, I guess.

I think the Aussie tasks have been pretty decent. The Vegemite one did me.


Just out of Wozniak’s show myself, excellent wasn’t it. Love him


Yeah, I heard a couple of people grumbling after because he just came out, told a long story and left and they’re maybe used to more interaction but I enjoyed it.

He did have some quite funny responses to someone shouting something out randomly and someone with a weird laugh so there was still some good spontaneity in there.

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I think a lot of people think stand up comedy is always interactive. Therefore feel the need to be involved.

It can be, but most comedians have a tightly timed show that if they don’t hit the right moments at the right time the whole thing doesn’t work.

To put it in dis language, imagine Stewart Lee doing interactive stuff, asking the crowd what they do for a living.

Remember seeing Alice Fraser at the Ed Fest a year or two ago, somebody in the crowd shouted something which she responded to and was very nice about. Same person (not in a nasty way but more thought they were as funny) interrupted again and she basically had to say if you don’t shut up I won’t be able to finish the show.

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I saw and greatly enjoyed the Wozniak show a couple months ago. Thought it was cool that it waa just a long monologue, felt theatrical. It’s very in the vien of his more scripted stuff like St Ekwicks, he’s not really a ‘jokes’ comedian anyway.


I saw his new show as a work in progress where he said he had the whole story down but hadn’t got round to inserting any jokes yet.

Was still a lovely time.


yeah definitely. still miss St Elwicks


The “Taskmaster Down Under” Youtube Channel is absolutely gold. The NZ and AU tasks are so much fun.

This is my current fave:

Featuring a successful “Lady-And-The-Tramping”, a serenade in a freezing cold bath and Fulham winning the Champions League.