Taskmaster - an absolute casserole of a TV programme

Good episode. Enjoyed Julian driving into the sunset on the road sweeper.


Coin fever!


Was leaving a John Kearns gig and checked my phone, and…


I like that Wokoma’s been very outspoken on Instagram about Palestine / ceasefire



good pod episode imo

I’m still a couple of pod eps behind

worth going out of order for. they barely talk about the episode, just loads of rambling kearns madness

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Crush intensifies

That was indeed worth it. Made me have to stifle a huge lol in Co-op at one point (Captain Hook in Panto)

Glad his trip to Belfast featured so heavily :smiley:

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Live show tonight? How will that work :face_in_clouds:

Or is this some sort of task-related thing??


Pray for Greg if it’s live, live.

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As pointed out in twitter Lucy Beaumont is supposed to be doing stand-up in Warwick tonight, dunno what’s going on

Probably just means on live tele than catch up.

Says ‘for the first time ever’ though

Well it technically will be cause the episode hasn’t been on tele before.

Basically Fuck Alex Horne for making me question every little thing about a pissing tv show.

Was there some sort of long term “you have 6 months” task this series? Can’t remember

Might be one of Alex’s stupid jokes, maybe there’s a payoff in the episode

Ed’s talking to the winner on the podcast this week which means that will have been recorded a couple of days ago at least

Annoyingly I’m out tonight and will have to watch on catchup when I get home

No chance they’d be able to wrangle Lucy and Sam into doing the prize task in under 45 minutes. Sam especially would delight in derailing it if it was live.

Im mot sure how itd work live - the studio task i saw lasted like 10 to 15mins in person they edit these down significantly

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Something horrible has happened to Sam’s hair

God I hope that was a task