Taskmaster - an absolute casserole of a TV programme

Thought them all bringing in jelly after Greg mentioning the jelly made it the funniest prize task for a while (that was this week’s, wasn’t it?)

Think the prize task is where you notice the studio audience missing the most for sure.

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i thought the tooth and Charlotte’s letter from her therapist were quite good ones

yeah this is a big part of the problem, the cinema audience are quite muted during the prize tasks whereas the real audience always bought into that part a lot more

big time chat fuel time


Didn’t expect it to be when I heard it read out, but thought the final ‘standing one leg or two legs’ game was game was actually brilliant.


I properly fancy Sarah

think it’s her hair and her laugh and her competence


I liked her outfit this week. Good hair too obviously. Slightly in love with Charlotte though.


Don’t fancy anyone much this time round. Formerly:

1- Key
5- Sally
6- Alice
9- Katy, Rose
10- I kind of fancy Richard Herring a bit and don’t know why

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Rose very much so

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Aisling, Sally, Kerry, Lou, Charlotte would be the fuzzy-feeling cast for me. Reckon it’d have a decent dynamic, too - a good spread of aloofness, age, etc.

Getting Joe and Charlotte back, and adding ‘Vod’, ‘Howard’ and ‘Josie’ for a Fresh Meat special would be great. Jack Whitehall might work, I guess, if he fully goes with the spirit of the show (I don’t mind him at all, but he’s definitely a rung above in terms of fame).

Can imagine they’ve considered doing the single cast special thing for other shows.

genuinely the character i’ve fancied most in anything ever, speaks volumes about me


Fresh Meat was pure fancying mayhem for me ngl



I don’t even know if Josie would be an all-time great as a TM bod (suspecting maybe), but Joe and Charlotte have been, and Vod and Howard surely would be.


Oh yeah I love Aisling

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I don’t think I’ve genuinely disliked any characters ever. James Acaster was a bit abrasive but he grew on me towards the end. Not a huge fan of Lou Sanders and that didn’t change. Don’t think Richard Herring brought much personality and just got tasks done. I think I’m the only one on the boards who enjoys Noel Fielding.



Noel’s dance task with Alex is one of the funniest ever.

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don’t think we’re up to that one yet! S4? Or CoC?