Cariad Lloyd is excellent - good shout.


she’s not a comedian

Errr…if you say so, pal.


She’s obviously a wonderful comedic performer but as far as I know she hasn’t done stand-up or anything though no?


What a great shout


She wrote a fair amount of Smack the Pony, I think that would count. Or does she have to have been on Mock the Week or Live at the Apollo? :stuck_out_tongue:


u wot m8?



Diane Morgan is an absolute cert to be on it at some point. Shame her stand-up is rubbish


Ep 3 and Liza Tarbuck has hit her stride. Which is good, cos I like her and thought she wasn’t fully doing herself justice in the first two.

Can imagine Elis James would be decent value on this.


Surely John Robins should be considered as a contestant - I think he’s well known enough now and he’d take it so seriously that the inevitable consequences would be hilarious.


Think we need more charismatic non-comedians on. As well as more decent female comedians cause otherwise it’ll just perpetuate the myth that women aren’t good at stand up. Not a fan of Josie long but I think the genius of the show is that even poor stand ups can come across really well, for example Roisin conaty who is great when doing things more naturally but I can’t get on board with her stand-up.


Jo Brand fits into this category for me. Comes across as really funny and likeable, but I don’t dig the routines of hers I’ve seen.


Tim losing the hook was peng tele


Series 7:

Acaster :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:


Reckon Acaster will be the stand-out in that series, yep. Years back I saw him supporting someone in Aberdeen. Somebody near the front got up out of his seat two seconds into his show and walked off to the bar as if to say “I didn’t come to see you”. Acaster immediately made his whole set about that guy and, when the bloke did finally come back, Acaster was wearing his jacket on stage and talking about all things he does in his life - while still being funny. Most support acts would just stick to their script, but Acaster was inventive and spontaneous - perfect ingredients for Taskmaster!

Phil Wang could be good too - really dry sense of humour.


joining the dots between your profile pic and this post, was that the josie long/acaster/pictish trail tour by any chance?

saw them in cambridge and i became quite a key part of some of acaster’s set (i had quite a large scrapbook with me and he took it down on stage and riffed
about it for quite a while) had a good chat with him in the bar afterwards - he’s a great guy and a fantastic standup and i’ve been a big fan ever since.


No, not sure if that tour came to Aberdeen (gutted I missed it, if it did) - around about 2010?

I think the show I’m talking about might have been supporting Ross Noble. But it was definitely around that time.

We’ve been watching his stand-up stuff on Netflix recently. Really good.


Every now and again I get that Kettering Town FC song in my head and then it’ll stay there for the rest of the day.


I have loads of mutual friends with Acaster and hung around in the same places when we were growing up, but I don’t think I ever met him. This is probably the biggest regret of my life as I would do ANYTHING to be part of the James Acaster / Tim Key / John Robins / Alex Horne friendship group.

Love his stand-up, he’s so inventive. Most exciting person to have come through in quite a few years.


yeah, it was 2010. at some point in the tour acaster nearly killed all of them in a massive car accident (he has famously had 2 or 3 really major accidents in which people could easily have been killed - mercifully nobody ever has but he has stopped driving now, i believe)


oh, same. i used to annoy my ex no end by singing it constantly around the flat.