So we started watching this about a month back and are now at the end of series 4. Bloody love how deadpan Alex Horne is, and how willing he is to put really weird food in his mouth.

As a big Noel Fielding fan, I’m obvously loving S4


Yeah, all looking good for S7.

Agreed, for anyone who hasn’t seen it, Acaster’s Netflix four-parter is well worth a watch.

Also, that Liza Tarbuck cake sitting wouldn’t have been out of place as a Sally Phillips effort, the pair of messy pups. :cake:


Jeez, I had no idea! I had heard Secret Soundz by then but didn’t become a big fan of Pictish Trail until Vol.2 in 2012. Damn my uncultured ears.


Sounds a bit Taskmastery?:

The Time it Takes is a hilarious, warm and very silly new Saturday-night game show for BBC One, hosted by brilliant comedian Joe Lycett.

It’s the only quiz in the world where the contestants decide how much time they have to answer the questions…

What takes longer - unwrapping every Werther’s Original in a family pack, filling a welly with custard using a turkey baster, or deflating an air bed and putting it back into its original box?

Could be terrible, could be alright. Quite like Joe Lycett. Tickets for the Glasgow filming here, if you’re so inclined: http://www.bbc.co.uk/showsandtours/shows/the_time_it_takes_2018




Yeah. I was overly distracted by the custard bit. Custard’s always fun, right?


BBC light entertainment seem to be watching Taskmaster closely, picking up the talent but giving them terrible shows and missing the point entirely. We had Rob Beckett on that shite sing-a-long tribute act show, Alex Horne as the voice of a button and now Joe Lycett will be forced to pretend he’s enjoying watching families pissing about while reminding himself of his mortgage repayments.


Quite enjoyed The Button


Still felt like a waste of his talents though - any number of the live shows I’ve seen him do could probably be adapted for TV. That said, the Horne Section TV pilot was strangely poor.


Eh, was just a frothy bit of family entertainment, worked well enough for me. The Horne Section pilot was a disaster.


I know, I’ve no idea why. Maybe they were saving all the old favourites like ping pong drums for the series that now won’t get made :frowning:


I was mates with Alex Horne growing up and into our twenties - but not seen him in about 7 years now…,…lovely guy from a lovely family you may be unsurprised to know…


What’s his number


Yep, met him very briefly after he did a gig in Aberdeen (about 7 years ago, funnily enough) and he was one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met. Really glad he’s starting to get the recognition he deserves.