You missed a golden moment in the first half (Rhod’s clothes task).

Thought it was really good,has the potential to be one of the best series.


And Blue Ted


The character of the contestants usually unfolds nicely as the series progresses. All is looking good.


How good is this series though


Kerry Godliman is superb.

What’s great about the programme is that, on the face of it, it’s a panel show variant, but underneath that there’s plenty of room for each individual to do their own thing without fighting over one another. So there seems to be a levelling of the playing field in terms of the usual gender dynamic.


I think Godliman is by far the weakest link in the line-up honestly, but I still like her. Didn’t know of Knappett beforehand but think she’s great. Knew and loved the three lads, all three of them are perfect for the format.

10 episodes in the last series was waaaay too many, but I’d be gutted if there was only one episode of this one left to go.


Cant get on with Godliman at all. Find her quite irritating. Enjoying most of the others though. James Acaster not saying hello to Alex gets me every time.

Im finding in this series contestants arent trying very hard a lot of the time whereas in the earlier series’ there would be a lot more thinking about things rather thsn just coming up with a shit dance or something


Acaster - Quite funny
Wang - Quite funny
Godliman - Quite funny
Gilbert - Dreadful
Knappett - Dreadful

Standard of tasks - Very good


Everyone’s been pretty average.

The fact Rhod Gilbert’s practically best pals with Greg Davies is getting a bit tiresome now though.


I’ve not seen much of this series but this out-take dave posted on twitter is quality telly. https://twitter.com/davechannel/status/1047869256027820033?s=21


Just came in to post this :smiley:


Episodes 6 and 7 are two of my favourite episodes of the whole show. James during the extension task in episode 7 is amazing.


Oh my heavens, Jess at the end :joy:


Episode eight is wall-to-wall brilliant… I’m going to stick my neck out and say this could well be the best series.


I love it! I had gone off Taskmaster but this line up is fantastic.

Started off being like omg this james acaster guy is not funny at all to being like SHALL WE BOOK JAMES ACASTER STAND UP TICKETS


How fucking dare you.


What day is this on? I’m so confused cause at the weekend, we watched episode 7 on catch up cause it was on our BT TV box. Last night we saw NEW TASKMASTER and popped it on to be the same episode??


Wednesday nights at 2100hrs (I am giving this information as a peace offering after upsetting you about Knappett)


No it’s not! I tuned in last night and it was an episode I’ve already seen on catch up which is number 7.

@incomplete how did you watch number 8?


Hadn’t massively enjoyed her TV stuff previously but I now want her to be my friend. Just seems like the loveliest person and bloody hilarious.