can’t believe a thread about taskmaster’s reached 300 posts


How come?


It’s a @juke thread, I’m box office


just seems too far fetched to be true


It’s a popular show!


Justice for Nish (revisited)!


I’ve attempted to fit all past contestants into these categories.

Legitimately funny person
Tim Key
Bob Mortimer
James Acaster
Tim Vine
Katherine Ryan
Frank Skinner

Amusingly inept at the tasks
Roisin Conaty
Paul Chowdhry
Jessica Knappett
Asim Chaudhry
Phil Wang

Likeable person who gets into the spirit of the thing
Josh Widdicombe
Mark Watson
Sara Pascoe
Rob Beckett
Mel Giedroyc
Liza Tarbuck
Kerry Godliman

Old bloke who thinks they’re being so clever by finding loopholes
Hugh Dennis
Dave Gorman
Rhod Gilbert
Richard Osman
Al Murray

Russell Howard
(also Richard Osman & Al Murray)

“Oooh aren’t I quirky, I’m such an oddball”
Noel Fielding
Joe Wilkinson

I have a few remainders though.

I’d class the following as fine/good but not quite fitting into the categories above:
Doc Brown
Aisling Bea
Jon Richardson
Alice Levine
Sally Phillips
Romesh Ranganathan
Joe Lycett

That leaves Lolly & Nish, who I found largely unamusingly inept.


This is an admirable effort


i agreed when i thought he was talking about the current series

didn’t dislike anyone but no one was outstanding


enjoyed this type early on, particularly when it felt to me like a lot of the tasks were sort of designed for it. has definitely become tiresome as the show has gone on and people have overdone it for too many tasks.


Think they got their shit back together with the tasks this series. The last one felt like there were too many of the ‘most/biggest/furthest’ type.


Wish I liked TV so I could chat about something current with people but not enough to actually like TV i guess.


Have you watched this?


only just caught the repeat of the final. enjoyed the videogame task a lot and was properly loling out loud at the tying up task. it’s the most brilliantly cruel tasks like the latter that are always my favourite, when Horne is a proper evil genius.


Just on season 6 now and I was always kind of fond of Russell Howard despite the haters, I mean, never found him funny but thought the whole postivity stuff he was doing was really pure light entertainment and good on him. My God, he’s awful though, isn’t he? He just comes off really smug and I find everything about him annoying.

Simirlarly, always like Liza Tarbuck in a very British sort of way, like she made me feel like everything was quite nice. But there’s just something about her so far on this that makes me think she’s probably had words and only agreed to do it if she got good marks and wasn’t made a buffoon of. Feel like they’re all just a little bit scared of, or just don’t like her, and none of them really have any chemistry between them at all on this season.


Sums it up. Luckily it is followed up with possibly the best series :grinning:


This show seems to massively change my opinion of people I either liked or hated.

Properly hated Al Murray but loved him on this.


Just finished season 5. The songs about Rosalind had me in tears.

Bob Mortimer is genuinely so weird isn’t he? Like properly natural weird funny thoughts. He’s brilliant.

Mark Watson is so endearing :two_hearts:


Yeah I like him now too!


nah, sorry